Van Gogh Chalk Paint

Van Gogh Chalk Paint

Saved By Scottie

Introducing van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection!

Cabinets Painted by Van Gogh Chalk Paint

Did you ever want to repaint your kitchen cabinets and just not know where to start? Does the whole idea of sanding, priming, painting, sealing, waiting, etc. scare you to death and make you just not bother? Me too…

 Van Gogh Chalk Paint Saved By Scottie

I’d love to introduce you to the van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection! Our professional grade products are much like “Secret”- strong enough for the Pro, but made for the beginner…

The paint has amazing coverage, a velvet consistency, and incredible leveling properties- brush strokes are a thing of your past with this line.

The wax is 100% non-toxic. It is made of beeswax and smells like honey. You’ll seriously be craving toast from the moment you open the jar.

We have a Table Top Finish in two colors (Clear and French Caffeine) to give you a hard as nails top-coat when wax just isn’t enough.

Recently we introduced a line of products we call “Furniture Makeup”, they are incredible finishes to give your pieces that extra special touch. Don’t be frightened, we made these easy too.

Remember that amazing kitchen photo? After painting with “Balsamic”, the island was coated with “Luminous Eyeshadow” (only to be described as “Metallic Champagne Gorgeousness”) while the wall cabinets are “Chalk” and finished with “Cabinet Concealer”  kitchen cabinet antiquing glaze. Not only do they look beautiful, they seal and protect your cabinets at the same time! If you want that hard as nails top coat, finish it off with the Table Top finish in clear.

The Glamour Glaze gives a Silver “Moon” sheen you can leave as is or wipe back for more transparency.

 Glamour Glaze Metallic finishes, Van Gogh Chalk Paint Saved By Scottie

I love the look of bas relief- those 3-D wood carvings on drawer fronts and wall hangings. Want the “cheater” way to create it without learning how to carve wood? Use “Furniture Facelift” and your favorite stencil. It’s an embossing plaster that when dry can be painted and distressed. It will look like the “carving” was there from the beginning. There’s a secret too- this product does “double duty” as a decoupage medium too- line the drawers of that dresser with tissue paper for a little “POP” of fun!

Muddaritaville Paris furniture facelift Van Gogh Chalk Paint

Photo courtesy: Muddaritaville. Joanne is a pro at using Furniture Facelift to create amazing drawer fronts and signs!

Last, but certainly not least, are our “Wrinkle Crèmes”. “Wrinkle Crème” gives you that subtle crackle and “Super Wrinkle Crème” creates more of an ancient stone-like, more coarse look.

Doesn’t it all sound like so much fun? For more information, contact me ( or the “Paintologist” nearest you- you can find one here ( There are always classes to learn how to use the products and meeting new people who share the love of creating! If you think you might like to turn your passion into an opportunity to make some extra money… drop me a line- van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection is expanding and I (or one of our other fabulous Distributors) would love to talk to you about the possibilities of working together!

 C’mon….get your hands dirty!!


  • Pat · Posted April 1, 2013 at 3:36 pm · Link · Reply

    Does the van Gogh paint still need to have wax applied?

    Does it allow the grain of wood to be seen at all?

    I am looking for an easy way to redo my kitchen cabinets.

    Is there a distributor in Minneapolis Mn. area.

    • DivaAly · Posted April 15, 2013 at 4:57 pm · Link · Reply

      Hi Pat,

      I apologize for not replying until now. We’re trying to get caught up around here. When redoing cabinets I’m afraid there aren’t a lot of short cuts. Chalk paint takes away the need for sanding and priming before you paint. But most people find that they like to gently sand after painting to get a nice smooth finish. Then after you get the look and feel you want, you’ll need a protective coating. I use wax on most furniture. But cabinets require a special durability. So for cabinets I use a Varathane finish for floors. It’s called Varathane high-traffic formula. There are several brands of chalk paint and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one in your area. If you haven’t found one already, please feel free to message me with your zip code and I will do a search for you. As for Van Gogh specifically, go to Scottie Vicksburg at Saved by Scottie She is a Van Gogh dealer and will be happy to help you with specifics about Van Gogh and dealers in your area.

      Thanks for checking with us ;)

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