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August 15, 2012

Cheap Sconces that now look like stone..on accident.

I learn more by just jumping in and trying.  I fail a lot, but I learn from it so it is not a total waste. :)  My walls are now medium gray with blue undertones. My kitchen cabinets are pearl with an ebony glaze. I needed something to stand out without being to dark. These guys are going to go under my cabinets and hold my paper towels and a hand towel. I couldn’t bring myself to drill holes in my new cabinets and I have no wall space by the sink.   The plaster Sconces where 1.99 each and look nice but feel cheap. (Ignore the Dirty shop floor..Yuck!)

Before stone finish I painted them with “My Old Front Porch” Chalk Paint in Midnight black. Then I mixed Antique White with Martha Stewarts Metallic Glaze in Mercury and brushed on with a chip brush. Wiped off with a paper towel. Had to put a drop of water on the paper towel for spots that dried to fast. WARNING: Work in small sections, sometimes these glazes will dry fast and you need to have something real wet on hand to wipe off mistakes.After Gray Stone Finish (1)   After Gray Stone Finish (2)   Paper towel holder

I will be doing the same wash on the curtain rod….eventually.


Don’t worry I’ve added a picture of my dogs to the treat jar :)

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