Shabby Chic display and Storage Hutch

September 13, 2012

Dry Brush Painting Technique

Yard sale find to Shabby Chic display and Storage Hutch

One thing I’ll forever need is more storage. A house built in 1974 is short on a few things..character and closets. I had gotten this at a yard sale for $60.00 months ago. The Hubby put it on the patio and as the construction process went on and on..tools, lumber, and other junk got put around it. I was unable to get to it and really had forgotten about it for months. Now that we are in the process of putting the house back together, it was time.  Time to make this part of our home. I didn’t give it enough pre-planning and jumped in without a clear vision of what I wanted. Seems to be the way I work best, under pressure!  I randomly buy oops paint when I’m at Lowes and have really been stocking up. It is the first thing I do when I go in..hit the oops rack. So any who, I had gotten some bright blue and never paid attention to what kind of paint it was. I know…. how distracted can you be!! I mixed it with the Websters Chalk Paint Powder and then realized that it was Interior Kitchen Enamel! What..I don’t want shiny paint!! Oh well let’s make the best of it. So I didn’t do any prep work on this dresser (broyhill) or the homemade hutch. I did get the spiders off of it. Who wants to paint over them anyway :) WAIT let me back up a second. I got this at a yard sale and the high end dresser was converted by the owner so his daughter could take it to college and use it as a dresser, a tv stand and a lighted display. He did some quality work building the top part and installing hockey puck lights and then using glass shelves so the light would make it to the bottom. Quality and Heavy..seem to go together :) I removed the back part because it had the ugly cut out for the tv cords etc. Before~ Shabby Chic Hutch (1)   Shabby Chic Hutch (3)   Shabby Chic Hutch (4)   Now where was I..Okay so I just jumped in and put the first coat on. Because it was semi gloss which is not like chalk paint(flat) I was afraid that the brush strokes would show. I’m a sloppy fast painter…this has never been a problem because chalk paint is awesome about hiding imperfections. surprisingly the Websters did the trick it dried perfectly with out all the normal paint problems and only needed two coats. The problem was the paint I chose was shiny!!! Sorry for the below photo almost forgot to take a picture of the paint before the next step. As you can tell the paint is a beautiful color but I really prefer the flat paint look. Websters Chalk Paint Powder   So the next part was just a desperate attempt to make it look….how should I put this….not so durn shiny. I really hate that I didn’t do Websters Chalk Paint Powder justice by not paying attention to the kind of paint I added it to..it worked but not the look I was going for. Well that was until I took some left over Annie Sloan Paris grey and a cheap brush. It is so hard to explain how I did this because I started out thinking well I’ll try but I don’t think this is going to work. I had a wad of paper towels in one hand and the brush in the other dipping only a small amount of the brush in and then wiping most off on the paper towel. Using a very very light hand and quick brush strokes I dry brushed all over in both directions. I had a wet paper towel ready for mistakes. When you first put the brush to the paint it is real easy to get too much on there so be ready to erase, and then move somewhere else and come back. Don’t over think it. Walk away, look at it later. Try and remember that if it was perfect it will not look shabby! You need it to look random. It really looks like faded blue jeans :) After that was all finished I added some hardware that I had..still looking for the right ones. I didn’t wax it, and from the look and feel of it I’m not sure it will need to be. I will keep everyone posted on how it holds up.  The cool part is the hockey puck lights where already there and two of the three glass shelves survived the move. The chandelier was one of my weird ideas. I had seen where someone had painted a chandelier in a china hutch on pintrest and I had that chandelier sitting in the floor to be priced and taken to my booth. Well I figured hey why not use the real thing :) I like it and that is what counts. I added a lot of photos below, It is hard to take a picture of something with lights in and around it while getting an accurate since of it. I think it is home!!

Okay my first video debut..well my arm anyway. It’s not easy to shoot a video solo. So no laughing. I was hoping to help you see how to do dry brushing..I’ll keep working on my video skills. :) PS. the rougher the brush the better. Go Cheap..don’t use up your good brushes.



              Shabby Chic Hutch

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