Facebook name and Giveaway

June 25, 2013

              The Artists Formerly Known as “Chalk Paint Divas” are back..again! We will be known as Paint Divas on Facebook for now. On a fun note..Giveaway going on right now..free paint should make everyone smile! Click Here—–>Hey we are giving away paint!!!<—–Click Here

Facebook..we are back!!!

June 18, 2013

              You can find us on facebook again…we are having to start over..but you can’t keep a good Diva down!  

Facebook? Where did you Go?

June 17, 2013

              Well if you have looked for us on facebook and had an issue don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong. We have been bullied for a long time now and held strong that we wanted to help everyone that had issues with Chalk Paint. But because someone has […]

van gogh

Have you Met Saved By Scottie?

March 11, 2013

              Introducing van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection! Did you ever want to repaint your kitchen cabinets and just not know where to start? Does the whole idea of sanding, priming, painting, sealing, waiting, etc. scare you to death and make you just not bother? Me too… I’d love to […]

Buffet makeover Chalk Paint by Fat Paint Stencil by Wallmasqu

RePurposed Dresser to Buffet

February 20, 2013

               By Shab 2 Fab Chalk Paint by Fat Paint Stencil by Wall Masque Stencil Company RePurposed Dresser to Buffet~This Basset Dresser is the heaviest piece of furniture I have ever purchased. With every drawer and door removed I can barely lift it. Each Door weighed in at 15 lbs. […]

Vote The Homies 2013

Vote for Us

February 4, 2013

              PLEASE Vote for Us The Chalk Paint Divas are in the running to win The Homie for Best Home Project & DIY Blog on Apartment Therapy. Vote for us: You have to sign up on their site to vote. We will love ya forever, but even better than […]

Marketing Tips and Diva Directory

January 27, 2013

              Marketing Tips and Diva Directory If you’re like me, marketing and marketing tips aren’t the first thing on your agenda. You’re probably going 90 to nothing most of the time. With 5 kids, a growing business, and trying to get in a few minutes of actual life, in […]

This Chick Is Toast

January 1, 2013

              Painting Appliances Sometimes I have a little trouble reigning in the crazy. I get an idea in my head and, before I’ve had time to really think it through, I’ve gone too far to turn back. That’s how I ended up painting my toaster a while back. Yes, you read that right… […]

Waxing 101

How to Wax Furniture

October 11, 2012

              Waxing Poetic How to Wax Furniture   Okay… so you’re having trouble with wax, right?   Take a deep breath. No really, take a deep breath… cause I totally know you didn’t just take one.   The thing is, using furniture wax is as much about relaxing as it is about anything […]

Chalk Paint 101

How to use chalk Paint

September 28, 2012

              How to use Chalk Paint Diva~Ally Alison Grisham Grisham Interiors Chalk Paint 101 Paint like a Diva..or a pro Chalk paint how to: As the chalk paint buzz makes its way around the DIY world, more and more beginners have been asking how to use chalk paint and […]

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